Welcome to the international workshop on Challenges of digital education in the context of COVID 19!

The event is translated in English, Hungarian and Romanian. Please choose from the language menu available at the right-bottom part of the video (ENG – for English, HUN – for Hungarian and RO – for Romanian).
We are waiting for your questions through the SLI.DO application, using the #DIGITALEDUCATION event code.
Agenda of the event:
–          Moderator of the event: Mr. Gyula WINKLER, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Committee of Culture and Education (RO/EPP, CULT)
–          Host of the event: Mr. Csaba BORBOLY, Member of the Committee of the Regions (RO/EPP) and President of Harghita County Council (RO)
–          Programme:
–     Opening of the event – Moderator
–     Mr. Csaba BORBOLY, Member of the Committee of the Regions (RO/EPP) and President of Harghita County Council (RO)
–     Mrs. Irén KOVÁCS, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Romania
–     Mrs. Andrea BOCSKOR, Vice-Chair of Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), Member of the European Parliament (HU/EPP, CULT)
–     Mr. Georgi DIMITROV, Deputy Head of Unit ‘Innovation and EIT’, DG Education and Culture, European Commission
–     Mr. PhD. László CSÁK, EU policy expert (RO)
–     Mr. Markku Markkula, CoR Member and President of the Board of Helsinki Region (EPP/FI)
–     Opening of Q&A – Online interventions and questions through SLI.DO application, using #DIGITALEDUCATION event code
–     Conclusions by Moderator and take-away messages
Short description:
The context of the COVID 19 pandemic has created a digital gap among communities, especially in the less developed regions, affecting the educational performance of students and teachers.  Therefore, there is an urgent need for an EU support for long term investments in educational institutions in order to increase the digital educational capacity. Local and Regional Authorities must take a leading role in this matter and to be involved in EU programmes in order to manage the local challenges as soon as possible.